🔴 Gnosis .•o°Ozing
“This unchanging stillness… Isn’t that what I am?”
Arms wrapped in neon like a warning
A rainbow bridge unfurling
And now I lay listening to nothing
I feel my organs locking up
Layers in grief not unlike stages of passing
There are many
Not too many
Not so much
Not yet knowing that I’m already knowing
“Ok, goodnight. :)”

🔴 It’s Now Safe To Turn Off Your Computer
No time
No time could possibly arrive
A voice like a gong
Vertebrate’s ease & the balanced seas
All thought is merely happening
So I dream of counting to one
Could death be absolutely safe?
I breathed but we do not
Unless we do
So it is both
This divides like a puppet in passing
We’re all passing
Walking each other home
Could death be absolutely safe?

🔴 Rainbow ∞ Bridge
Please don’t be mad that I cut your cord
Fear lodged in my gums
Pressing into my face with finger-like force
You’re everywhere
In Heaven they say I can sit & soak you up
You are everywhere
Heaven has no location in Heaven
But they say I can sit & soak you up
New fluids by my will come into you
The ‘I Am’ disappears

🔴 ⌈Mego⌉ ≜ Maitrī
My darkest, sharpest, shakiest shock for you
I pleaded for light for you
& now a primordial aware direct connect protocol for you
Moksha display for you
Celebrating you
Now you can see, so try again

🔴 (((Ever-Widening Rings)))
Love melts the ice
& what we thought was in the way is the vessel
Ice turns to water & hydrates the whole world
Send it all to our sun
Strong back, soft front
Grace unfolds in space
The ground is the eye
Any sound a window makes
Cicadas, helicopters
Am I that?
Rings back, down & down & down & rest
Hitched a ride on incessantly vibrating things
Am I that?
Yea, but is that your experience?
’To’ ends & ‘in’ begins forever

🔴 dEcRePiT φ PhOeNiX
“Repeat after me. Be still.”
If butterflies rein, then I worship their dashes
If clouds will rain, then I worship their splashes
A poor silent phoenix can’t feel its gashes
So with a butterfly sword, time rehashes (itself)
Obtuse remainder of ignorance flashes
I drape the veil over my flutter-by lashes
Melted & melded & molding crashes
Illusion of self reduced to ashes
“Be still & know that I am God.
Be still & know that I am.
Be still & know.
Be still.

🔴 ᴍɪᴄʀᴏtubules
Resonant dancing
It is snowing
I am crying
When something opens up
The hologram is speaking
The hologram speaks
Were you afraid of crossing?
Did you know why you arrived?
When your bones burned, were you also what I am?
The hologram speaks

🔴 Dreamy #ex Code
So as it turns out
I’m not quite done
Sucking up
& fucking up
my father’s son
I should really take the time to listen to what my “enemies” are saying

🔴 觀音 Prayer For The Abuser (abridged)
To those that inflict terror
I remind you that you shine
with the purity of a thousand suns
To those that cause agony to others
I give you the gift of free-flowing tears
I remind you that the angels sang in celebration
on the day of your birth
I offer the perfect sanctity of this very moment


[Para Brahman, Adi-buddha, Ein Sof…
I love Truth more than I love God
but God is a synonym for Truth
I love Love more than I love God
but God is a synonym for Love
Red glow’s a dark seed
Red glow’s a wrapped gift
Red glow’s fortress’d
Gold and silver
I love Us more than I love God
but God is a synonym for Us
I love Truth more than I love God
but God is a synonym for Truth


🔴 mailto:[email protected]?subject=Mind-Body Parallels
Human. Out of touch with your birthright.
Tranquility. Synonym. Kingdom Of Heaven. You feel it.
Then a thought comes & it’s gone.
Yen is the block, & knowing is a foot in epicurean flow.
Evading is still only here.
A 5.25" herniated disk.
Illusory spasm.
This centralized location could travel at any moment.
Bowels, back, caffeine, slipped. Backspace these rigid curbs.
Then a thought comes & it’s gone.

🔴 Clear Light
[sound byte of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, translated to English]
“There is only one consciousness.
Prior to the appearance of this form, I was neither being nor no being.
Consciousness has to appear in this form, so this form can recognize consciousness.”
Mind is an okay chair I built in a watchtower.
I am loving this you living without us.
Far into town, I’m arboreal.
Like bent light reflected off the Moon,
My crystal eyes thrive crystalized.

🔴 The Warm-Body (Blessing & Removal)
Hell beside you & within.
Mute, grinning inside & around my back.
We’re born mirror & maze.
Alive is dreamlike, hex is futile, belief is inapposite.
The middle of my head can always see clear.

🔴 ✓ BEiNG
The Unified Field whispers, so I open.
Lit substance of sentience undiluted.
Mind as prism.
Aliveness sees it, all colors coincide.
I am insect spit & tree sap.
I belong to the mother, I am her.
I was with “me” & yet I was I, the great ~I Am~

🔴 Smiling At Sunbears Grooming In Sunbeams
Your stunning arms aligned.
Inquiring, vibrating.
I can’t hold your hands for long.
Theory-less in the brief gaze.
Future & past is now.
You already are it all.
The cozy night - in you the stars bathe.
Then enters light, it pours through, the pane waves.
My soaking beasts, rays of Source, source of rays.
You connect me to…


In fights we find we fear the same
Tires screeching sound like children through classist pleas & craving
All throughout there’s been caving & sirens keep enslaving
Skinless barking, drowning, waving
As if traffic gleaming changing changes anything about what one could bring to the sidewalks & their strain

🔴 Experience ☆ Slips ☆ Away
Freeze this moment a little bit longer
Make each sensation a little bit stronger
Experience slips away

🔴 Screamography
Watch the glass for a mirror-melting glare
A forward lens that’s centered on the tunnels fixed & tied up
Tranquil, hidden, dried up
Thirsting for a router reset dawn
Can you see their eyes from across the parking lot?
A middle of the road family concerned & confused

🔴 Response To Subdivisions ☾
Goodnight scattered light
Forests & fields
I’m awake
Then a sparkling swamp sings me to sleep

🔴 Upper Peninsula 🦌 ②⓪①⑧
May your roots effervesce in a cove parallel while my airspace smiles & spins around you

🔴 Λήθη「Lethe 」
Immobilized air rests hot
The passageways are lit with glitchy flailing thought
I, a single perfect sphere, earthquaking & dead, balanced & queer, balanced in my head
In a 1992 dream I leave on a piece of hemisphere
Into the warmest star
A path straight thru fear
No monstrous hunt at throats of the throat could ever weld together a single quarter note
& every time I’m lost in my story I radiate more heat than light A pulsing crux is interviewed, bolted in it’s heated La-Z-BoyTM
It tongues a serving of voices that unfurls onto Lethe’s shores
A fishhook wags its tail ambitiously
Us refugees question our chests yet they are still safer harbors so the victims of wrong perception can safely foam into you

Skinless X-1 track notes (as seen in the LP insert)

1. Fire-Toolz 🔥🛠 Theme - is a song for navigating the foyers of transcendent dimensions.

2. ✓ iNTERBEiNG - Everything & everywhere inter-is.

3. Experience ☆ Slips ☆ Away - There is no time, only now.

4. Screamography - RIYL the silent observation of the mind-made self.

5. Second Life
I: Windows Might Explode {0:00 - 0:56}
II: Angelfire {0:57 - 1:44}
III: At The Pig Well Pt 3 [CODENAMEAIRDROP] aka There Is No Death, Only Transmigration {1:45 - 2:56}
IV: Ticker Symbol MSPG {2:57+}

6. Response To Subdivisions ☾ - Thriving in-between the bright lights & the far unlit unknown.

7. Shadowfacts
I: Point A {0:00 - 0:45}
II: Point B {0:46 - 1:15}
NO RETURN] {1:16+}

8. Upper Peninsula 🦌 ②⓪①⑧
I: Labyrinth {0:00 - 0:36}
II: A Friend {0:37 - 1:39}
III: The Nigh End {1:40+}

9. μακάρων νῆσοι「Fortunate Isles」 - Passage 1 of the Hidden Tranquility Trilogy

10. Ἠλύσιον πεδίον 「Elysian Fields」 - Passage 2 of the Hidden Tranquility Trilogy
I: Eventide Bats {0:00 - 1:10}
II: Forest & Swamp {1:11 - 1:46}
III: First Light At Art’s Pier {1:47 - 2:59}
IV: Fresh Fields {3:00 - 3:48}
V: Vivid Dome {3:49+}

11. Λήθη「Lethe」 - Passage 3 of the Hidden Tranquility Trilogy

12. Proxy Bay 🌀
I: Another Page {0:00 - 0:54}
II: Every Turn Of The World {0:55 - 1:46}
III: Rendezvous {1:47 - 2:38}
IV: Back Of My Mind {2:39+}

13. In The Computer Room @ Dusk ☕ - 38.898632, -76.512993


🔴 Window 2 Window
A draft does sew oneself straight thru window to blade to passageway
Window to window
I want to find something good in the air
I place my hope in suburbia
Just once in the grass on my lunch break I materialized right in the center
I let myself hear the meathooks, the Macbooks, every street crossing, every sidewalk slash, even Jesus Christ on a podcast.
I place my hope in suburbia
I’ve always aimed to live in an air conditioned car in the cookie cutter district of a desolate utopia
It can be such warfare to unclench this ego and evaporate as keenly as I came
I’ve embraced my inner suburbia
A small seed’s needs are always met
Why do I ask questions before thinking?
I’m creating complications!

🔴 Window 2 Window 2 Window
I’m dressing my hungry brain in freshly cut lawn
I felt lightly touched tips of row houses on my toes
Tender in new cities without sleep
Wake up alone
Plant myself in the floor
The spout of golden light in my ear
I am empty
I am free
The z’s got caught in my split ends
The hook is through my lip
I crave so much a loft to live in
A cozy grave to call my Home™
I crave
Everywhere’s spacious in real life
The random access memories
A work path
These blending options
If you lived here, you’d be home right now
The future of the world will be a network
A pyramid turned upside-down
Solutions for a small planet
I crave

“When there is hatred against you, may you come back to your body…
May you come back to your breath…
When there is harm, may you remain visible on the path of spirit…
May awakening be known in your body at this time…
May rage be settled…
May the idea of enemy be banished…
May actions be filled with sincere purpose…
May wellness be illuminated…
May all beings be well in it’s broadest sense.
May rage be settled…”

🔴 Passageways To Meeting Areas
I’ll empty myself out so I can see.
Everything & everywhere is spacious.
Is there somewhere empty that we can meet?

🔴 The Step-in Fantasyland Place
“I am demon, with horn. [sic]”
Why doesn’t anyone wanna pay for this copulation?
You see me through white dust
My hairline past my shadow
The web is just a web
Unclogging ports one afternoon at a time with weapons
I think I will undergo disambiguation from these orbs of folly
My roots can attest
I’ll smile the weapon
In a Fantasyland Place, I step in
I will undergo renewal, re-transformation

🔴 Reality Mask [========= ] 93.7247/bps 90% -∞s
Pouring water over my glass eyes
Such a tiny gap to find
Noise shaping, total pre-saturation, self-bias resistor
I’ve become alignment flexing with sheen, blossoming into me

🔴 Dreamt Hex Code
So as it turns out I’m not quite prey
There’s hindsight for free in the entryway
But at the wheel, a bristle worm
Your HRQOL, my investment firm
I felt I had been screaming doubt
But someone else’s voice was crying out
I unhid your files and iced the Finder
Then took a nap in a canopy
Ultimately my red hot rise that went through walls and squeezed your eyes should’ve lost so much more
I should’ve really realized that at its core
So as it turns out I’m not quite done sucking up and fucking up my father’s son
I should really take the time to listen to what my enemies are saying
In the arms of a morbid angle, fly away from me

🔴 The Path Straight Thru
“If you are centered, nothing can really hurt you"
Even when your neck is bubbling
(Hello fiery gateways. Pillow liberated tenderness.)
Even when I’m faced with danger
And I will be because my body is a danger to me
“I felt, I don’t know, it was like I was outside myself, watching myself"
[lyrics deleted]


🔴 Subconscious Pilsen Relics Pt 2 [CODENAME_AIRPLANE MODE]
I don’t wanna make this drive
I feel like I’m driving through last year
Look! I’m already here in Pilsen/I’ve already hit something
Woke up and found myself hunting for a warm place like neighborhood cats
I don’t wanna be here
I don’t wanna see you
All of a sudden, I felt there was more closure
There is nothing that isn’t handed to myself from my own grip
Woke up and found cancer inside
Crawled out of my own organs for a warm blanket again
Warming up the cancer
Bleed it out like money

Guns don’t kill people unless the guns are me
In a sea of semen a slug can still be free
I’m squeezing your lungs into your burning flags with the heat
So unbelievably connected
Scars, stripes, straps, bites, stars
Stripes and straps and bites and stripes
Gotta choose between fucked or dead
Cuz this glow inside head shot back
I dreamt that every man who didn’t fight for me was shot

“This isn’t your average every day darkness.
This is advanced darkness.”
I’ll peck off your foot and your fetish
Your temporary contemporary and self loathing bastard ale
Your rare and flaming burnt brightly firing freakout
Your aversions
Your adverse reactions
A good honest look between your legs
A drippy mental cloud of marble spelling spirit spit to shower in
Its not like a dream at all
The airport took my pepper spray but I’ve got the pocket knife a cop stole from an urban outfitter
Lets take a good honest look between our own good honest legs
Mine are covered in razor bumps
I’ve got 5 new cartridges
I’ve saved one for this occasion

Everything and everywhere is a teacher
“Place your fearful mind in the cradle of loving-kindness
and nurse it with the profound brilliant milk of doubtlessness
and in the cool shade of fearlessness, fan it with the fan of joy and happiness.“
Place your fearful mind in the cradle of loving-kindness

🔴 The Graying Of The Crocs [CODENAME_PASSBOOK]
“Look behind you. Hahaha!”
“This was a dead end a minute ago.”
“No, thats the dead end, behind you!”
Kush distractions hush your brain waves
Hush angelic voices cuz kush saves
Kush! Kush! Kush! Kush! Kush! Kush! Kush! Kush!
A low-level format is complete
I make the bed with sheets of hurt
I promise I wish I wanted more
I fill the bed with dreams of hurt
I know you wish I wanted more
Theres always something there for trial and trauma
Dusky shadows skid into creeping crevices
You’ll always be a part of me
You’ll always delete a part of me
Less and less and less and less and less and less and less and less and
less and less and less and less and lessen less and lessen-less and
lessons in your sanitary quite contrary slut-shamed fuck-less
sorry I slut-shamed your fuck-list
I’m sorry I slut-shamed your fuck-list
I’m sorry
I sense the fur and feathers near
I feel the lure of tongue-tied fear
I watched the film crack and fall
You’re almost gone after-all

I’m lost in an alley somewhere between Spaulding and Kedzie hiding from cis men
I’ve got my one-hitter stuffed with girl scout cookie
Just enough to sizzle my eyes so my sail back into view is warm
I don’t recall who I am
I don’t remember anything
Clasping a view is sucking in plasticity
and I’ve not dreamt and sat with you in quite a few armfuls
Its been months since I’ve caught sight of myself at a sustainable distance
I’ve not glowed with fine-feathered broadcasts with my apartment amidst space and time
Within local contexts and vocal complex characters bright and born in 1995
This delusion of a physique, an exciting panic
A losing fusing stone of oxygen
I suffer less, so much less
(“take all your pills, sleep all day” / take all your thrills, slip all day)
I’ve dripped and fallen through a tiny eye like a camel hovering with wide angel sails
She was shown the way through heaven’s gate
A gate drenched in tears
Will I find accumulated shit underneath the fallacy that I am far away rather than nirvana-tied
That distant girl chained up inside the cavity above fragile winding roads
A water balloon filled with tears
Like a fuck palace built with particle board
Like a reality made from reality
“I’m so sorry, Angel. I’m so sorry, Angel
Do you want me to walk with you?”
Like a fucking water balloon filled with tears
Nirvana is without concepts
I could take a gander at ourselves and say we are graying, graying, graying
I see life sprouting little mushrooms and homes from within our collective corpse
I smell that corpse
Total desaturation and karmic seeds
Very little fire
Much room for dreaming
Unstable and shallow
Reaching stakes
Intertwine, interweave
(Round up some awake and awake and sun rising wide open vast blue sky)

“I need those codes.”
“No, you want those codes.”
I am about the shaking that isn’t worth much time
I’m inside the tightness of your faint pantomime
And how far beyond I wade in this crystalized frontier
A hand in my hand is bleakness
The dawn of me is near
The city’s sins are clear
Your city lights are dear
And the other type of victim is every time you say it
Tied to a chair with my skirt at my ankles
Holding my hand is bleakness
Your breath was filled with downsize
And I was there as before

This is the place where I have not yet begun learn at all who I am:
I’m callin’ you, I’m callin’ you
You don’t have to pick up
Just put your iPhone in your pussy
I’m callin’ you
We share your mind
One gray dull point in consciousness
I share a universe with a face now
I swear its incomplete
Violet, growing, smooth and steady
Now my body, now my body’s ready
Now my body is ready
“Clarify my hate with grace.”
A grip of shreds tied in lace
I can make art out of your face
I’m callin’ you
“It feels like everything becomes a trigger.”
I admire your lineage
Her growth like a little friend climbing foliage
And I think highly of your abortion
Exiled and fused, we end in tune
And I think highly of your abortion

“Drip! Drip! Drip! Drip! Drip! Drip! Drip! Drip!”
“Come on in guys. Come in, come in, come in, come in, come in.“
”!Mih hsinif”
I’m dripping, dripping, dripping, from your juice box
“File exists”
Not unlike this sip sound from your drink boxes, your bangs are pasted
Blank mouth
You’re inside yourself
I’m so often close by basking in a meta fragrance
I don’t have to have more of you
The swans greet you through my green upper body
Dripping, dripping, dripping
From your juice box to sincerity
Swallow me, please, like a yolk
If youd like to fuck, thatd be fine
I love you in this way
Uh oh!

🔴 At The Pig Well Pt 2 [CODENAME_TOUCH ID]
I am a flower
You are a long fence
I tend to cower
Beware! A pretense
I can skate the surface of an untied shred of you in a faux leather harness
Do not pursue!
Holy shit! Now its my turn to pour the bubbling ink all over her!
“Doused in pink bubbly bubblegum, smile with your tongue on my face”
Eye-pinned spy vs spy
Maybe forgive my ricochet
Thu vibez r dizt0rted
Do not pursue
Square off
Where is the door?
At my right hand, a very soft face
I wanna tell my supervisor about you!
I’m confident a copper mud will smear
And bits of words with some lump in their tone
Could you maybe explain?
The recluse is me
All we do now it seems these days is swim in each others palms
My ten legs stored up courage to clasp neon red structure floating in space
Always a brown recluse
Its in the leather
Hooked fingers wiggling worms galore
Open windows and doors
Thin, thin, thin
“Doused in pink bubbly bubblegum, smile with your tongue on my face”

Well, I’m naked and stoned as fuck
I got lost in your sheets but you changed them
Sirens blazing all this time
Black light coddles white darkness
My eyes gray and yours as shut as the unborn path
I stockpile, I still frame
I was tracing back the footprints through your door into the womb
Its getting less and less
The sharpness of this big fucking orgy
You’re all spiky like golden rays of light through my feet
I can’t hear my convictions over all your bodies
I am too ill to muster the sleep so I trickle out of my worm-body
I stockpile, I still frame
You were rushing back to protect me from my perpetual doom
“At night, I think of you. I want to be your lady, maybe
If your game is on, give me a call boo. Gonna give my all to you”
I am glitter-shitting
I am capable of receiving love in our mutual tomb
They make the bed smell of hurt but I promise I, I want more